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Innovative, mobile tank concepts

Ludwigshafen site. It includes an automated tank container terminal, the world’s largest patented tank containers as well as an autonomous and teleoperated vehicle. Together they will supply production plants faster and at lower costs. It will soon only take one hour from order to delivery instead of 24 hours.

Automated guided vehicles (AGV)

The AGV is a worldwide first. Together with the VDL Group, BASF developed this autonomous vehicle which is 16.5 meters long and has a payload of 78 metric tons. The AGV is steered via transponders embedded in the road surface.

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Clip Details for Innovative, mobile tank concepts

Date: 01/18/18
Title: Innovative, mobile tank concepts
Duration: 00:05:02
Clip Type: Footage

Originator: BASF SE
Publisher: BASF SE
Copyright: BASF SE 2018
Format: 16:9 HD
Track 1: Atmo
Track 2: Atmo

Taping Date: 04/30/17
Film Location: Ludwigshafen

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