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Digitalization in logistics

A new integrated storage and logistics concept will help BASF significantly reduce logistics costs. The transport volume at the Ludwigshafen site is around 20 million metric tons per year. Since the transport links at the Ludwigshafen site account for a considerable share of costs, this is the focus of the concept.

Another part of the logistics concept is the fully automated tank container depot. It is designed to have a capacity of 2,000 standard (20-foot) container equivalents and has two automatic staking cranes, each with a loading capacity of 75 metric tons. It is trimodal, meaning that goods can be handled via AGVs, trucks and rail.


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An innovation in railway logistics from BASF this becoming a reality. The task: to implement a significantly faster and more cost-effective rail transportation process.
Date: 10/30/18
Duration: 00:02:59
Clip Type: Report
BASF starts operating the new tank container storage facility in October 2018 at its Ludwigshafen site. This warehouse is part of an integrated storage and transport concept that BASF is using to improve customer service and ...
Date: 10/29/18
Duration: 00:11:06
Clip Type: Footage
Ludwigshafen site. It includes an automated tank container terminal, the world’s largest patented tank containers as well as an autonomous and teleoperated vehicle. Together they will supply production plants faster and at lower ...
Date: 01/18/18
Duration: 00:05:02
Clip Type: Footage

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