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General Questions

Where do I find the BASF TV service?

You can access the service either via the BASF News & Media Relations website or directly at www.tvservice.basf.com.

Who is the service for?

The TV service is mainly designed for TV and online journalists. Every user, i.e. worldwide, who visits the site can view the available content, but ordering content is reserved for accredited users only.

How much does a journalist have to pay for this service?

The service is free of charge for TV and online journalists and for internal BASF communication.

How can I obtain accreditation for the BASF TV service?

Just click the accreditation button on the start page and complete the boxes as requested. You will then receive your personal user name/password.

What basic technology do I require for the TV service?

No additional software is necessary. The system supports all the usual browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.).

Which video player do I need to view the content?

All content items are viewed using the Adobe Flash Videoplayer, Version 8.

Who can I contact with any questions?

You can use the contact button in the right navigation box to reach us via phone or mail.

How many languages is the TV service available in?

All the content (texts, clips and additional info) is available in German and English. Further languages may be added later.

What qualities will be used for production?

All topics will be produced in DigiBeta16:9 format.

What formats are available for ordering moving images?

Moving images can be ordered either in the form of cassettes (DigiBeta, betacam sp) or DVD. All content is also available for direct download. Another option is to order transfer via satellite or ATM.

What quality can the clips be downloaded in

Bit rate: 8000 kbit/s.
Multiplexed stream
16:9 anamorphic
Audio 48 kHz
We offer all clips for download in broadcastable quality as MPEG2 files, at a bit rate of 8000 Kilobit per second, in PAL or NTSC video standard in anamorphic 16:19 aspect ratio. The visual quality is on a par with commercial DVDs.