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Agricultural Solutions

Research for greater efficiency in agriculture

Farmers manage their businesses in a complex, uncertain environment. And we all rely on their success: to feed us, clothe us and keep farmland healthy for the next generation. But a lot of factors can decimate yields: bad weather, insects, imported weeds and resistance to crop protection products.

The Future of Agriculture

When we think about a new product or service, we try to keep all of this in mind. It’s a long way from our chemistry labs in Ludwigshafen, Germany, to a soybean farm in Brazil or a wheat field in Canada. The work that is done in those labs helps farmers to solve real problems, season after season. And our Crop Protection products play an important role.


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Crop Protection research is time-consuming and expensive. ...
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Research for greater efficiency in agriculture. …By 2050, ...
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One challenge for sustainable development is ensuring ...
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BASF Plant Science is one of the world’s leading companies ...
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