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From plastic waste to new chemical products

Chemical recycling can help reduce the proportion of plastic waste which ends up in landfill or incineration. There are also strong commitments of our customers towards increasing the share of recycled material in their offerings.

Plastic waste will be transformed into a raw material using thermochemical processes. The raw material can be fed into the Verbund to create new chemical products with excellent product performance based on recycled plastic waste. We help the market to make materials recyclable which could not be recycled so far – for example, multi-layer or plastics with residues. This contributes to achieving recycling targets efficiently.


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Date: 11/26/18
Title: From plastic waste to new chemical products
Duration: 00:03:20
Clip Type: Report

Originator: BASF SE
Publisher: BASF SE
Copyright: BASF SE 2018
Format: 16:9 HD
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Taping Date: 11/19/18

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