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Chemical recycling of plastic waste

Plastics do have proven benefits during their use phase – for example preservation of food loss, lightweight construction of vehicles and building insulation. Plastic waste, however, is a major global challenge. BASF is therefore working on innovative technologies that promote the recycling of plastic waste.

From plastic waste to new chemical products

In the ChemCyclingTM project, BASF is working together with partners to recycle plastic waste that is not recycled mechanically, e.g., mixed plastic waste and end-of-life tires, into a secondary raw material called pyrolysis oil. This oil can be used as feedstock at the beginning of BASF’s integrated production network (Verbund), thereby replacing fossil raw materials.

The share of recycled material is allocated to certain sales products according to a third-party audited mass balance approach. These products which carry the name suffix “Ccycled™” have the exact same properties as those manufactured from fossil raw materials.




Chemical recycling of plastic waste
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