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White biotechnology at BASF – Ludwigshafen

White biotechnology is a key technology in BASF. It has the potential to manufacture products more efficiently than with conventional chemical processes. It is also useful for enabling completely new products not accessible using conventional synthesis approaches.

BASF uses the biotechnological methods of fermentation and biocatalysis in order to manufacture products such as vitamins, enzymes and chiral chemicals.



Molecular biology lab

In the research lab for white biotechnology, the microorganisms are grown on agarose plates. Under sterile conditions, they are isolated and are analyzed and optimized with molecular biological methods.


Gelelectrophoresis is an important analytical method in biotechnological research. With gelelectrophoresis, DNA can be made “visible”. Scientists in white biotechnology research in BASF use this method to check if the desired ...

Fermentation lab

BASF scientists cultivate microorganisms to produce enzymes, for example Phytase, which is used for animal nutrition products.

Large-scale fermenter in the pilot plant

Monitoring of the progress of fermentation in a 5000-liter fermenter in the biotech pilot plant.
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