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Concept car "smart forvision"

Daimler AG and BASF SE have developed a new concept vehicle that combines both companies’ ideas for holistic electric mobility. The two companies have combined their technological competencies for the first time, developing a futuristic vehicle concept.

With the smart forvision Daimler AG and BASE SE are not only showing that electric mobility can make emission-free driving possible. At the same time it paves the way for new technologies in the automotive sector.



Lightweight comfort seat

The lightweight seat combines various BASF materials that not only save weight, and thus energy, but also provide greater comfort. The one-piece, self-supporting plastic seat shell was designed by the computer simulation ...

Infrared reflecting technology

Infrared reflecting materials help to keep the interior of the vehicle cool longer. Special color pigments, so-called "cool pigments", or sheets for window panes, developed by BASF, can reduce the heat radiation of the sun ...

High-performance foams

High-performance foams are used where the best insulating performance is required in a very confined space.
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