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World-Wide Locations

The BASF production sites - Global expertise in chemicals

BASF is active in more than 80 countries worldwide. In addition to around 350 production sites, BASF also operates six Verbund sites: Here a wide variety of production facilities are closely linked. This saves raw materials and energy, minimizes emissions, cuts logistics costs and creates synergies in infrastructure.

The BASF Verbund sites

The Verbund sites include, in Europe, the headquarters at Ludwigshafen and the site in Antwerp (Belgium), Geismar (Louisiana) and Freeport (Texas) in North America, Kuantan (Malaysia) and Nanjing (China) in Asia Pacific. Here you will find footage of the global BASF sites to download for free.


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Composite Ludwigshafen - Freisenheim Island … …The ...
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Port Arthur, Texas, USA … …BASF TOTAL Petrochemicals LLC is ...
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Geismar, Louisiana, USA … …Geismar, Louisiana, is BASF’s ...
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The Freeport Verbund site is the leading producer of basic ...
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BASF-YPC Company Ltd. is a role model of successful ...
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Clean water is becoming an increasingly important raw ...
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…The largest BASF site in South Asia … …The Mangalore site ...
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